You have our permission to think

The tactic of nudge, neuro-linguistic programming, or – you have our permission to think.

You have our permission to think

You have our permission to think

The manipulation of the masses has been employed by institutions of the state as a matter of course going back centuries. This process has become far easier since the development of mass communication, particularly since the times of news-print, through radio, television and now the internet.

The ownership and governance of much of the mainstream media has been brought inside the pillars of the state, regardless of the supposed ‘freedom of the press’.  Media stories follow a barrage of the same nothingness over a newsflash for the day, never actually exploring the roots, causes and effects, before flipping on to the next headline.

I have scant regard for mainstream media ‘journalists’ as I am not convinced that most mainstream journalists have not been duped in the same hypnotic trance as the mainstream of the public, else they wouldn’t keep pronouncing the messages of their employer and the State.

When so called – serious editorial – is delivered by the media of the masses, the criticisms are always around areas that suit the direction of travel. In the UK criticisms of the State have focussed on issues which are presented as historical notes of interest, obfuscating the far more important current abuses of influence.

NLP has developed into a series of techniques designed to direct the path of criticism into a dead-end, whilst blithely long acknowledged rights, entitlements and simple humane treatment is allowed to slip past on the wing.  I am aiming to bring you an interview to talk about the power of Nudge thinking.

The criticisms of the Police and spotlight on sexual predators and the failings in the NHS, focuses the mind, as these are the hot-buttons in the British psyche, whilst the country misses the main events.

Go back just three years and Osborne announcing £ 6 200 000 000 worth of cuts and the country was aghast, slide forward to just last month an announcement of £11 500 000 000 of cuts, with another £20 000 000 to come next year and nary a whisper. A State Pension, to which people make a contribution and is part of their retirement savings plan is now a Welfare Benefit, a food bank is a good and decent part of Cameron‘s Big Society, employers being subsidised to the tune of billions in tax credits, housing benefits, income support top-ups are doing the right thing, a country in which the richest 10% of households own 850 times the total wealth of the bottom 10% is a sign of things being on the right path.

To criticise these facts is an unacceptable though process, particularly if the question of the advantages of the socio-capitalist trickle down wealth is raised. You are allowed to criticise the poor, the Police – though only their historical performance, News International and one or two scapegoats in the NHS.  But focus on the real world – permission denied.

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