Whoops, is that a security document?

News update, Quick has now resigned his post as head of counter terrorism. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

This is a photograph of the most senior police officer responsible for counter terrorism, Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick.

Bob Quick head of anti terrorism for the Police

Bob Quick head of anti terrorism for the Police

The photograph, shows a document marked “secret” and carrying an outline on an ongoing counter-terrorism operation. The document contains what the British Government deems ‘sensitive information’. So sensitive – Bobby, the Bobby, thought he would carry it about in full view.

The irony being he was arriving to attend a meeting about Police reform. Why he felt the need to bring this document with him remains an issue only he can understand, maybe he feels the need to bang his chest? Perhaps we should look at top agenda item for the meeting on Police reform. Replace egotistical police officers with sensible people.

As a result of this mans cock up, 12 people were prematurely arrested in invasions by police officers across the North West of England.

The Government don’t really mind either way, as having forced through anti-terrorist legislation they are free to do as they please, even declaring the failure of Icelandic Banks to be an act of terrorism under the loosely drafted legislation. These 12 people fingered by a Police force who are suspected of numerous murders, can be held without charge for far too long.

As a citizen of the UK, I am somewhat perturbed. The head of the ‘anti-terrorism’ drive is of such a frame of mind that he thinks wandering about with these documents in open view is ‘secure’.

Take this in context, that this same man who is responsible for the investigation into Home Office leaks. This is the same Bob Quick, who was forced to retract statements that the Conservative Party were trying to scupper his investigation into leaks to Damian Green, the Conservative spokesman on immigration.

Whilst I find it personally galling to defend politicians, how on earth can someone who wanders around with documents marked secret in full view, be the same person expected to be capable of investigating leaks by the Home Office. That aside from the fact that these so called ‘leaks’ are in the interest of the British Public. How can this man Quick, be responsible for investigating leaks, when he takes his leaks out to be photographed?

Quick is another example of the way this Country is being overrun with a dictatorship mentality, which suits the Labour Party so comfortably. He was the man who authorised a search of the offices of Damien Green in the Palace of Westminster without a warrant.

Does Jacqui Smith expose her cleavage to save her husband having to bill porn films to the tax payer?

Does Jacqui Smith expose her cleavage to save her husband having to bill porn films to the tax payer??

Once again Queen of porn and suspect expenses claims, Jacqui Smith is involved. This woman continues to express her full support for Quick.

Does she get her kicks away from home, while hubby watches porn I wonder? Just a question.

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