When those who have – forget

Drawing a comparison between North Africa, the Middle East and the UK will, with absolute certainty, be derided as out of order, but that is perhaps because it is the ‘those who have’ who will be full of derision.

It is too easy for those in comfort and who feel they are part of the decision making process to forget there are swathes of Society who feel permanently excluded. Sure there is far more freedom in the UK than living under a Feudal Dictatorship, however, to suggest that because there is a degree of freedom, everything is perfect is to miss the point.

This country is riven with Financial, Social and influencing divisions. It is always uncomfortable for those who have found an equilibrium to recognise, that perhaps not everyone feels the same. In precisely the same way that those with influence, finance and social acceptability in what the ‘Those who have’ in the UK would term -’Oppressive regimes’, there are many in the UK who feel the same oppression bearing down on their back.

I am sure that those in power and with the influence in countries such as Libya, Egypt and Syria etc. fail to understand why there is such Social division, rioting, looting and violence, as they perceive it from the ‘underclass’ in exactly the same way that in the UK, the recent riots are being viewed by those in positions of comfort as unreasonable, excessive and unfathomable.

It is easy to mock when sitting in an ivory tower, but if the UK doesn’t recognize the extreme ‘relative’ poverty and Social deprivation which exists in the UK, it can only be a matter of time before the 3 days of riots, become a process of normality, until the regime changes or accepts that all is not well.

We have a media which is so embedded in Government and the establishment, that it spews out messages of hatred, a Government and opposition who want to lambast rioters as mere thieving scum and the ‘Those who have’ too wrapped up in their own lives to recognise that outside that door is a different world and a different perspective.

The comfortably off had a few days of protest last year and then lost interest, the have nots had a few days of protest and then the rain came down. For sure interspersed were opportunists, surely it is time to wake up and realise the opportunists were also saying something about our Society.

Essentially the message came through – The Police are unable to respond, normal service will be resumed – in the mean time…

That is now being sent out as the political response, resulting in a blame on the Police for not acting more quickly and more strongly, which again hides the real issue. Why did people riot in the first place – Is it really about money – possibly in relative terms, though unlikely. About greed – simple to blame greedy people, that sits as a comfort zone for the middle UKer. It enables them to blame the well off and well connected for their corruption leading the less well off to think it is OK to take that action.

In my view we have a parallel to the explosion of violence in North Africa and the Middle East, a Social disconnect which demands a fundamental and paradigm shift in thinking and Government.

Of course as an anarcho-capitalist I would say that wouldn’t I. Possibly, but I am not the person who was on the streets the past few days, that was the children of the next generation sending a message about the Society in which we live.



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