What is Sauce for the Goose

Well Mr Cameron and Osborne have provided me with some the tax break sauce – reducing the additional rate from 50% to 45%, though I think it is sleazy.

I don’t avoid tax and my tax bill hasn’t altered in % of  tax paid, other than the reduction I have on hand thanks to HMRC. To suggest that the only way to recoup tax is to reduce it for those on my tax-bracket whilst starving the poor is an affront. It is an insult to me and to the principals for which I stand.

It is very easy to tax people correctly, but the system is scared of people like me, whilst it screws over those with little fiscal muscle. We regularly hear the top 1% of earners pay 28% of taxable income – is that something to be proud of? No – it is an appalling indictment of the failure of Socio-capitalism and something I hang my head in shame over as I sign off my tax return. Why are so many of my fellow top earners such greedy fuckers?

The clue is in this image – am I the only one who thinks Osborne looks demented, any MP could be transposed here – they are all on the same kick of fantasy.


Osborne the demented



Anyway I digress from the sauce and the real issue – VAT.

By adding some sauce to the gander there is a hope of moving forward the economy, but as long as Cameron and Osborne keep insinuating, we, the higher rate tax payers are fraudsters the less chance of the real issues coming to the fore.

Like you, I shop on-line and find my purchases and like you I find it is cheaper to buy from abroad than it is in the UK. This is almost in totality due to the punitive VAT rates in the UK.

This obsessive drive to insisting higher rate tax payers are fraudsters, conning the compliant that it is fine and dandy that 1% of tax payers pay 28% of tax and continuing to take the easy target of those who have no reply is an abomination.

Were the VAT rate to be reduced, along the same argument that my tax bill needs to be reduced, else I will go abroad, in the case of VAT and the average shopper – shop abroad, so we would find a coherent mind-set. But the ivory tower of Government doesn’t let them see the reality of the options.

In my view, the easing of the VAT rate over the easing of my tax bill would have been money far better spent. I will return to rampant tax evasion and Societal disconnect another day.

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