UK Police licensed to Kill

The decision by the British Courts today that the Police Officers involved in the death of De Menezes in London should face no further action, have far wider implications than just on the activity of these police officers.

Killing innocent members of the public by British Police officers in the ‘line of duty’ have now effectively been ruled as acceptable. There is little doubt from the information available, regarding communication failures and incompetence that there should be culpability. Yet the officers involved in the incident are being provided with a defence that the Nuremberg Trials deemedinadmissible, ‘following orders’.

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The Police Officers have been able to defend their actions by passing the buck to higher authority, justifying their actions that they were only doing what they had been told. There can be no doubt that DeMenezes was killed on that fateful day by officers who pulled the triggers. They should be tried in open court.

It may well be that their actions were defensible against a murder charge, I would not pre-judge the verdict in such a trial, but to decide they should not be tried, simply because it isn’t expedient and the officers involved were only following orders, is unacceptable.

We have a police force which is under fire from the General Public and a State apparatus which increasingly appears determined to defend them against any open investigation.

While the UK witters on about other countries across the world, where murder by state clandestine operations is endemic, we are in danger of slipping in to that position ourselves.

Where is the result of the Tomlinson G20 death? WHy is it taking so long to actually bring this case to a conclusion.

One only has to look at investigations carried out by the IPCC into police actions in connection to the death of members of the public, to see there is no accountability. The De Menezes case may be a high profile incident, but it is far from isolated. Prosecutions over deaths of members of the public at the hands of the police are few and far between, this can not be a healthy position.

The purpose of an open trial with Judge and Jury, is meant to be the bedrock of the British Justice System. This Labour Government has already started to erode the concept, justifying it by attempting to re-write history. Now the Judiciary are also culpable in the erosion of the very Justice System they are meant to defend.

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2 Responses “UK Police licensed to Kill”

  1. Graeme Ford says:

    Although the De Menezes shooting left the Met choosing to look as callous as posible,it’s hard to view it as though it was pre-meditated.MyBlog details the shooting of armed robber Mark Nunes,in Chandlers Ford 2007, which was. Ian Paisley jnr picked up on this publically suggesting a “shoot to kill” policy in NI. Sinn Fein said the comments were “pathological” and set the peace process back 30 years. The story barely made the news in Britain. In the wake of paramilitary attacks by dissident republicans, you’d think, by news reports, that the previous ‘peace’ was some kind of coffee morning thrown by the police.

  2. [Blocked by CFC] anarchyintheuk says:

    interesting thoughts

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