They’re taking over the country

The debate over immigration in the UK is led on the one hand by the rabid Right Wing shoot them and then ask questions and on the other by, well no-one really.

So I thought it may be interesting to look at the Asylum Seekers, not total immigration, but those seeking asylum for whatever reason that may be.

With the rabid right, it would be easy to assume that there are hundreds of thousands of applications, driven by ‘illegal’ immigrants trying to con the great British Public all so they can have a council house, but figures released this week by the Home Office for those seeking asylum since 2009 up to October 2011 paints a rather different story.

asylum applications in the UK

asylum applications in the UK

Hardly a den of iniquity I think and maybe it would be more helpful if the media attempted to portray just the slightest element of truth.


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