The New ConDem coalition already wasting money

Just hours in to a new regime, which loudly claimed to be a fighter of waste, we can already see this means nothing at all.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has been renamed Department for Education. I have put in a freedom of information request to ascertain exactly how much this piece of ego-massage will cost the tax-payer. Not to mention a query on the Green principles as all of the redundant physical material will now have to be dumped.

What else has ConDem been up to?

We have the joys of a new National Security Council, a Quango by any other name.

National Security Council

National Security Council

And as a final twist in the pleasure to come an intention by these people to change the way a Motion of No Confidence can be passed.

The reason we have a coalition is that with 51% of the Members of Parliament a Motion of No Confidence could have been passed, hence the 326 MPs target.

With the new dictatorship the requirement is 55% of them must now be counted, which amounts to a Government only requiring 292 MPs vote against the Motion of No Confidence  for the Government to stay in office.

The coalition was unnecessary.

ConDemned already

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