The lessons never learnt by finger pointing

Having spent many years in business one basic lesson I learnt very early on was do not try to promote your product by criticising your competition. Politicians have never learnt that very basic tenet of communication.

The lessons never learnt by finger pointing

The lessons never learnt by finger pointing

There are many reasons for not promoting through criticism, but the most relevant and one that political advisers despite all their think tanks have never learnt is that pointing out faults in your competition raises doubts in the minds of your audience in the credibility of your own message through association.

Politicians of all parties in the UK and political commentators speak regularly of the falling numbers of voters and the need to try and engage people with politics, yet their main message of communication is to inform the general public that the other lot are rubbish because in 1996 one of their forebears said this or that. Or in the case of Prime Ministers Questions just yesterday, The Labour party can’t be trusted because they are funded by UNITE and The Conservatives can’t be trusted because they are funded by wealthy.

One would have thought that perhaps amongst the myriad of talking heads at least one lone voice would spot neither argument is particularly relevant and even more importantly all it sends out as a message is don’t trust them because they are worse than us.

The end result of this continued sniping has a direct correlation to the continued fall in people actually voting and party membership. As the message of finger pointing has increased over the years, so the number of voters and party members has dropped.

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