The Infected English Rose – Thought for July 1st 2013

The rhetoric suggests the UK sees equality of the sexes as being an objective. Is it nothing more than an infected English Rose?

The infected English Rose

The infected English Rose

One only has to take a look at a major sporting event such as a Grand Prix to get a feel for the implausibility of the politically correct rhetoric. The UK remains a den of the fatuous normalisation of the sexualisation and subservience of women and so many women seem to wish to take the role of the submissive.

Take another look at the image above – where is the man in the applauding line-up?  No you won’t find him. Yet the ladies in the images are not slaves, they have taken the role of being sexualised and treated as the subservient worshipper freely.

This denigration is normalised, accepted and lauded on every occasion where men in grubby grey suits run the agenda, but it is only by women accepting their role as the submissive that this can continue and they do, in droves.

Plasticisation of breasts, smothering of faces in powder and paint are such a standard process it goes unmarked and uncommented as it is ‘just the way it is’. Until the majority of women, rather than a very small minority, start to take themselves seriously, it is hardly surprising they will be used as eye-candy for the delectation of the grubby men in seedy suits.

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