Terminal Sepsis?

The United Kingdom is becoming ever more dysfunctional as time progresses and the pace of its own implosion is logarithmically increasing.

Terminal Sepsis?

Terminal Sepsis?

From positions of Societal influence,  politicians deem their expenses claims are something for which the general public must accept as de-facto, as they do their lies.  This corrosive arrogance has led, not to change, but to a weary acceptance in a Society feeling they have no influence and to Individuals taking salaries which are totally unjustified. I will return to the theme of the difference between Privately owned and Publicly Listed businesses in the coming months.

Corporations are led by Directors rewarded by becoming ever more interested in reducing tax-liability regardless of the consequences and taking sharp business practices to even further increase that profitability.

Public and Private Care Entities have become fixated on fiscal targets with people being left to die or treated cruelly all in the name of budget accountability.

Crazed ideas of PFI have led many public bodies into positions of debt with no prospect of meeting repayment schedules. Buildings relocated to more expensive projects, on the pretext that the land would become affordable homes – until the first cheap buyer sells a few months later for full market rate. Leaving a public estate heading to bankruptcy and no-additional property available as ‘affordable housing’ for what are called ‘Key-Workers’.

Politicians shirking responsibility by laying the blame on Quangos they created, with the very aim of deflecting their accountability and the Quangos being completely unaccountable to anyone.

Bribery and corruption has become the way to deal with the Police, in whom the General Public have little trust and the figurative bed-hopping between mainstream media, regulatory forces, politicians and Law enforcement has led to a complete lack of trust in the pillars of Society.

Through careful and studied manipulation the general population are duped to believe that the problems in society are those of the weakest not directly attributable to those with the greatest influence. Resulting in those with no influence tearing lumps out of each other in a frantic frenzy of cannibalism.

Until such time as the most influential in what is supposedly a Democratic Society are held to account, the faster this abuse and implosion will reach its inevitable conclusion.

I sense however the malaise of a festering infection akin to Sepsis has already set in to the psyche and it will only be a matter of time before the UK will inflict upon itself such terminal wounds that there will be no come back possible.

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