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Crown Steward of the Manor of Northstead

I don’t think my views of John Bercow and his suitability as the man to lead to the clean up of MPs corruption needs further expounding, nor »»

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MPs concerns over expenses

During the review of expenses in addition to all other groups we heard MPs concerns over expenses.

My starting point is that, we the tax payer should view »»

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Parliamentary Standards – could do better

The political spin doctors are already hard at work, attempting to concentrate minds on, ‘far more important issues’, after all, as Jack Straw stated: Westminster is very clean and transparent compared to many other countries and that politicians in other countries looked on in amazement at the controversy caused by sums of a few thousand pounds. Adding that Winston Churchill would not have survived the scrutiny to whichMPs are now exposed.

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Politicians’ tax breaks

Chapter 8 of the Act is a fascinating read as it exempts MPs from taxation in areas such as loss of office, Ministers exemption for taxation for transportation, whilst ensuring that other elected officials do net get above their station and are treated as every other tax payer in regard to expenses.

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The role of the Speaker of the House of Commons

Politicians have shown themselves unfit to govern themselves, the House of Commons Commission and Members Estimate Committee should be taken out of their control. It can not be acceptable any longer, for MPs or anyone they directly elect, to have any responsibility for Administration, finances or regulation of MPs.

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