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My letter of support to the Prime Minister

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MPs errors

Anarchy in the UK is, a regular readers will be well aware, a comment on the state of the UK as it stands.

I do not hide my »»

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Mandelson the arrogant

The US Government decided that bailing out the global General Motors brand was chasing good money after bad so pulled the plug on the whole idea and »»

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Dear Gordon we the banks expect

Dear Gordon

you recall there was a little bit of a problem with that Building Society a while back that turned out to be worse than we all »»

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Parliamentary Standards – could do better

The political spin doctors are already hard at work, attempting to concentrate minds on, ‘far more important issues’, after all, as Jack Straw stated: Westminster is very clean and transparent compared to many other countries and that politicians in other countries looked on in amazement at the controversy caused by sums of a few thousand pounds. Adding that Winston Churchill would not have survived the scrutiny to whichMPs are now exposed.

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Is Gordon Brown of this world?

I posed a question on Squidoo recently:

How do you think British MPs expenses should be changed, if at all?

The range of answers »»

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