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Investigation into G20 Police actions

Whilst the report had some positive things to say about the policing, there are issues that really should have been addressed a long time ago and the fact that no Senior Officers are being hauled over the coals is a sad indictment of the way in which no-one is prepared to take responsibility, though they are more than happy to take the Salary, Pension and Gongs.

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Death of Ian Tomlinson – Cover up or incompetence?

Now that the findings of the Second Post Mortem have come to light, which indicate that Ian Tomlinson died due to internal bleeding, in contrast to »»

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Ban protest in the UK and support mainstream Media

To answer the question posed by the BBC reporter, what would Britain have looked like had the protestors at the G20 been policed in a similar manner to the way the Thai police handled the ASEAN protest. The answer is a happier and better place. Not one with a dead body as its legacy.

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