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Dear Gordon we the banks expect

Dear Gordon

you recall there was a little bit of a problem with that Building Society a while back that turned out to be worse than we all »»

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RBS – we need bonuses – we need them now

The RBS Board appear to have learnt nothing and are keen to review their perks once again.

In early May RBS reported a loss of £895 million for the first quarter, which compares to a profit of £245 million a year earlier.

Stephen Hester said of the results and the likely time scale of RBS returning to profit:

‘…It’s not really in our hands, it’s in the hands of the economy and what it does to our loan books,…’

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Saving up for retirement, try the new ‘Cock-up’ Pension Plan

For some reason the Government and pension brokers are not pushing the new ‘Cock-up’ pension plan.

The scheme requires you do achieve a level of authority in an organisation. A level senior enough that when you wish to draw your pension, you are able to make such a significant cock-up, that your suggestion of retirement is a welcome relief to those around you.

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