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Conservative IT policies and Cloud Computing

Like dinosaurs slogging it out to the end, the two major political parties in the UK are determined to tear chunks out of each other, while the rest of the Country keeps evolving.

Having seen the debacle of Government being responsible for data security, the Conservative Party have managed to come up with a new wheeze, claiming that Google is a far more appropriate guardian of our data and in particular our medical data.

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Sabotaging Tories Totnes nomination – who wins?

Image by street_spirit909 via Flickr

The Conservative Association in Totnes have decided to run what is effectively a British version of the American Nomination system for their prospective »»

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English bigorty

British and in particular English bigotry and racism, which is endemic is usually portrayed by the Daily Mail and Express in particular, as perfectly reasonable, is suddenly deemed unacceptable when the natural home of English racists, the BNP, comes home to roost.

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