Should the Police be above the law?

Self evidently Police Officers are treated as being above the law, but should this be the case?

Should the Police be above the law?

Should the Police be above the law?

A quarter of a million stop and search events last year were unlawful, but despite the numbers and the acknowledgement that Police Officers carrying out unlawful stop and searches, were as a result breaking the law themselves – how many Police Officers have been charged with Civil or Criminal offences over this illegal activity?

The murder of members of the public, or as the state prefers to call it – unlawful killing, results in very few charges ever being brought and even fewer convictions.

The mounting evidence of endemic Police corruption, going back decades is and always has been brushed aside as merely a small problem, or something from the past. Neither is true and it should not be tolerated.

Police regions are investigated by other police regions and the IPCC is filled with former Police Officers so it is hardly a surprise that little changes and the arrogance and indifference grows ever more prevalent.

Should the Police be above the law? – In my view an emphatic no.

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