Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The EU referendum

The debate rages on over EU membership and the rights and wrongs of a referendum.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Regardless of the call for a referendum or which side of the argument one sits, there does seem once again to be a missing element to the discussion.

Much is made of the fact that the last referendum vote on what was then called the Common Market was back in 1975 with many arguing this isn’t fair as they have never had their say on the matter, continuing with the argument that by holding the vote this will seal the deal forever. Little regard seems to be given for those who in another 40 years will be arguing that they too never had the opportunity to vote for membership.

If there is to be a referendum, then the framework should be set for this to happen cyclically, but typically, the myopic blinkered vision fails to address what will be an ongoing issue for future generations. Similar issues lie ahead with Welsh and Scottish devolution, regardless of the full Scottish split, where this generation feels they have the right to as is so often said ‘settle the argument once and for all’.

If people are calling for a referendum, they should also be calling for a second referendum in 10-15 years as part of an ongoing process.

I am minded of The Clash and Should I Stay Or Should I Go as the song for the day.

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