Raising Hackles – Thought for 2nd July 2013

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of Edward Snowden in releasing the PRISM information in June 2013 an equally important issue is not being addressed – The effect of intervention – raising hackles.

Raising Hackles - Thought for 2nd July 2013

Raising Hackles – Thought for 2nd July 2013

The USA has suffered many years of bad press and increasing hostility on a broader international scale and judging by the way that the Government and Security Services are handling this situation, little has been learnt. The aspect of how the USA is working to secure the arrest of Edward Snowden once again demonstrates the continued aggressive nature with which the USA stomps its feet until it gets its way.

I think I can say with some certainty that across the world stage it is known and accepted that the USA wants to ensure Snowden is returned to the USA to face charges. It is also known that there are some Countries across the world who are potentially prepared to stop that happening. Where the USA, in my view. is shooting itself in the foot,  is with the excessive pressure being put on those countries with unknown demands, offers and threats to seek to get those countries to change their minds with the result Snowden is becoming perceived as a man being hounded as he fires off more and more asylum applications around the world

It may all seem like a trivial point, but, as an example –  Ecuador has backed down under pressure and as a result their President - Rafael Correa – is angering his own population as it appears to many that the country has become a puppet to the American regime. This in turn potentially leads to many of neutral mind on the issue of the way the USA handles the world stage from coming off the fence and taking a negative view of their continued intervention in other Countries political affairs.

Irrespective of that, the story of PRISM, which runs daily across the world media has already caused consternation in what are supposed to be allies, is being kept alive and in the forefront of the mind by this continued exposure, raising hackles on both the level of was it right or wrong, but now the USA has succeeded in extending that to another analysis of whether the USA is perhaps too big for its own boots.

If the USA Government and Security Services settled down and took a more pragmatic view of geo-politics then perhaps they would get their man without once again being perceived as interventionist. Which only fuels the fire of those with a gripe about the country.


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