Politicians and the Remembrance Day claims

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A growing list of politicians is being found to have put forward claims for Remembrance wreaths for fallen Service personnel, the common refrain being ‘it was an error’.

This demonstrates, if nothing else, the absolute contempt with which Politicians respect tax-payers money. The only way this ‘oversight’ can have been submitted, if you believe their excuse, is because they didn’t even bother to look at their claims, having someone else do their sums for them.

You can’t write in something and claim it an oversight, which means that someone else fills in your expense claim form. An expense claim form is something you are absolutely and ultimately responsible for and blaming someone else for it, is not even remotely excusable.

Why would they not look at their expense claims? Because they didn’t care, as they expected whatever was to be claimed was paid and whatever was rejected would always remain secret.

How any scumbag who has claimed for a Remembrance Day wreath, by mistake or intentionally has the gall to remain in office is untenable, it demonstrates absolute contempt for those who fought and died.

To treat a Remembrance Day wreath as something worth a punt on expenses, even to keep the receipt and pass it on to their ‘expense claim form filler’ is disgraceful. The only way that the ‘expense claim form filler’, who incidentally the tax payer would be paying for through ‘staff allowances’ would have had the receipt, would have been if the politician passed it over. If they paid by card they didn’t bother to look at their statement prior to submitting the statement over for completion, without crossing out the items they didn’t want claiming, is laughable.

The word Remembrance, is by itself ironic, the sleaze balls who claimed this money would have appeared to have forgotten what they had on their claim forms, how they can expect anyone to believe they have the capacity to undergo an act of Remembrance I can’t imagine.

British Democracy is discredited, British MPs are discredited, yet they seem to believe they are the best people to work out the way forward.

I don’t want representation by someone who sinks so low as to claim money back for a Remembrance day wreath, they are disgusting morally bankrupt individuals, who should be out of office and out of sight.

I for one will not be performing any act of remembrance on their behalf when they are long gone.

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