Raising Hackles – Thought for 2nd July 2013

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of Edward Snowden in releasing the PRISM information in June 2013 an equally important issue is not being addressed – The effect of intervention – raising hackles.

Raising Hackles - Thought for 2nd July 2013

Raising Hackles – Thought for 2nd July 2013

The USA has suffered many years of bad press and increasing hostility on a broader international scale and judging by the way that the Government and Security Services are handling this situation, little has been learnt. The aspect of how the USA is working to secure the arrest of Edward Snowden once again demonstrates the continued aggressive nature with which the USA stomps its feet until it gets its way.

I think I can say with some certainty that across the world stage it is known and accepted that the USA wants to ensure Snowden is returned to the USA to face charges. It is also known that there are some Countries across the world who are potentially prepared to stop that happening. Where the USA, in my view. is shooting itself in the foot,  is with the excessive pressure being put on those countries with unknown demands, offers and threats to seek to get those countries to change their minds with the result Snowden is becoming perceived as a man being hounded as he fires off more and more asylum applications around the world

It may all seem like a trivial point, but, as an example –  Ecuador has backed down under pressure and as a result their President - Rafael Correa – is angering his own population as it appears to many that the country has become a puppet to the American regime. This in turn potentially leads to many of neutral mind on the issue of the way the USA handles the world stage from coming off the fence and taking a negative view of their continued intervention in other Countries political affairs.

Irrespective of that, the story of PRISM, which runs daily across the world media has already caused consternation in what are supposed to be allies, is being kept alive and in the forefront of the mind by this continued exposure, raising hackles on both the level of was it right or wrong, but now the USA has succeeded in extending that to another analysis of whether the USA is perhaps too big for its own boots.

If the USA Government and Security Services settled down and took a more pragmatic view of geo-politics then perhaps they would get their man without once again being perceived as interventionist. Which only fuels the fire of those with a gripe about the country.


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Song for 2nd July 2013

As the situation in Egypt becomes more confused with The Egyptian Army insisting President Mohammed Morsi reach an agreement with the general public in the next 48 hours else they would take action to resolve the deadlock.

Song for 2nd July 2013

Song for 2nd July 2013

With Morsi rejecting the demand, more people gathering in and around Tahrir Square from opposing sides of the argument and an uncertain future it seemed somehow appropriate  to be reminded of El Soor by Youssra El Hawary a song of hope for the new looking Egypt from just a year ago.

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The Infected English Rose – Thought for July 1st 2013

The rhetoric suggests the UK sees equality of the sexes as being an objective. Is it nothing more than an infected English Rose?

The infected English Rose

The infected English Rose

One only has to take a look at a major sporting event such as a Grand Prix to get a feel for the implausibility of the politically correct rhetoric. The UK remains a den of the fatuous normalisation of the sexualisation and subservience of women and so many women seem to wish to take the role of the submissive.

Take another look at the image above – where is the man in the applauding line-up?  No you won’t find him. Yet the ladies in the images are not slaves, they have taken the role of being sexualised and treated as the subservient worshipper freely.

This denigration is normalised, accepted and lauded on every occasion where men in grubby grey suits run the agenda, but it is only by women accepting their role as the submissive that this can continue and they do, in droves.

Plasticisation of breasts, smothering of faces in powder and paint are such a standard process it goes unmarked and uncommented as it is ‘just the way it is’. Until the majority of women, rather than a very small minority, start to take themselves seriously, it is hardly surprising they will be used as eye-candy for the delectation of the grubby men in seedy suits.

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Song for 1st July 2013

With protests continuing in Egypt over the rights and wrongs of the political situation in the country and the Brazilians also out on the streets as I write, somehow the German Band Vadot with their take on the world around seems like the right band to be considering…

Song for 1st July 2013

Song for 1st July 2013

….. and the track  Du mit Dir from the LP Teufels Beitrag epitomises the sentiments of a country still struggling after what the public thought was a fight for change and has resulted in a fight for the status quo.

Teufels Beitrag – Vadot is available on iTunes*

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Terminal Sepsis?

The United Kingdom is becoming ever more dysfunctional as time progresses and the pace of its own implosion is logarithmically increasing.

Terminal Sepsis?

Terminal Sepsis?

From positions of Societal influence,  politicians deem their expenses claims are something for which the general public must accept as de-facto, as they do their lies.  This corrosive arrogance has led, not to change, but to a weary acceptance in a Society feeling they have no influence and to Individuals taking salaries which are totally unjustified. I will return to the theme of the difference between Privately owned and Publicly Listed businesses in the coming months.

Corporations are led by Directors rewarded by becoming ever more interested in reducing tax-liability regardless of the consequences and taking sharp business practices to even further increase that profitability.

Public and Private Care Entities have become fixated on fiscal targets with people being left to die or treated cruelly all in the name of budget accountability.

Crazed ideas of PFI have led many public bodies into positions of debt with no prospect of meeting repayment schedules. Buildings relocated to more expensive projects, on the pretext that the land would become affordable homes – until the first cheap buyer sells a few months later for full market rate. Leaving a public estate heading to bankruptcy and no-additional property available as ‘affordable housing’ for what are called ‘Key-Workers’.

Politicians shirking responsibility by laying the blame on Quangos they created, with the very aim of deflecting their accountability and the Quangos being completely unaccountable to anyone.

Bribery and corruption has become the way to deal with the Police, in whom the General Public have little trust and the figurative bed-hopping between mainstream media, regulatory forces, politicians and Law enforcement has led to a complete lack of trust in the pillars of Society.

Through careful and studied manipulation the general population are duped to believe that the problems in society are those of the weakest not directly attributable to those with the greatest influence. Resulting in those with no influence tearing lumps out of each other in a frantic frenzy of cannibalism.

Until such time as the most influential in what is supposedly a Democratic Society are held to account, the faster this abuse and implosion will reach its inevitable conclusion.

I sense however the malaise of a festering infection akin to Sepsis has already set in to the psyche and it will only be a matter of time before the UK will inflict upon itself such terminal wounds that there will be no come back possible.

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Economical with the actualité

Lying has become such an endemic strategy in British Politics, Business and Policing that it is little surprise the general public is dismissive.

Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke

Back in 18th Century Edmund Burke – who as an MP in the the House of Commons for The Whigs came up with the euphemism for lying with his summation – ‘Falsehood and delusion are allowed in no case whatsoever: But, as in the exercise of all the virtues, there is an economy of truth.’ Burke is viewed as the philosophical founder of modern Conservatism. Politicians of all sections have learnt the lesson well.

In 1986 another politician –  A former Cabinet Minister – Robert Armstrong – brought it in to common parlance, whilst giving evidence during the Australian spycatcher trial in 1986.

Lawyer: What is the difference between a misleading impression and a lie?
Armstrong: A lie is a straight untruth.
Lawyer: What is a misleading impression – a sort of bent untruth?
Armstrong: As one person said, it is perhaps being “economical with the truth”.

In 1992 yet another politician – Alan Clark tried to make it all seem so noble an art for politicians to master when at the Matrix Churchill trial he exchanged under questioning -

Clark: Well it’s our old friend “being economical”, isn’t it?
Lawyer: With the truth?
Clark: With the actualité

This paroxysm of lying is now an inbred part of the culture of politicians in the UK that no-one sees it is a surprise. But it needn’t be the case and it is time the British Public and Media took Politicians to task for consistent lies rather than smile sweetly as with a naughty toddler.

Sadly this virus has spread wider than politicians and it is not a unusual site to look around a jury and find half the members stifling a laugh when a Policeman takes to the stand and takes a look at their black notebook – proclaiming – ‘this is what I observed at the time’.

This spiral of lies and deceit has subsequently found Bankers, Retailers, Manufacturers etc. deciding to join in the band wagon. That little bit of ‘bending the truth’ runs rife through the UK and is not acceptable and those in positions of influence must be called to account.

It is why Politicians think fiddling expenses is a fine and dandy thing to do. It is why none of these Police Officers –  who can be clearly seen looking directly at the assault – actually saw anything of Harwood pushing and murdering Ian Tomlinson -

The murder of Ian Tomlinson

The murder of Ian Tomlinson

It is why staff at agencies such as A4E and G4S sign contracts they have no intention of fulfilling and seeking to find mechanisms to secure payment with little come-back, on occasion resorting to outright fraud – for which no-one is ever made accountable.

It is why Blair continues to fly around the world lecturing on moral probity when the September 2002 document in which his introduction advised – The document discloses that his military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them. -

Not only was the document proven to be wrong but his introduction an outright lie.


This comical and sweet sounding term –  Economical with the actualité – is a pernicious and dangerous festering sore that needs to be stamped out.



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What is Sauce for the Goose

Well Mr Cameron and Osborne have provided me with some the tax break sauce – reducing the additional rate from 50% to 45%, though I think it is sleazy.

I don’t avoid tax and my tax bill hasn’t altered in % of  tax paid, other than the reduction I have on hand thanks to HMRC. To suggest that the only way to recoup tax is to reduce it for those on my tax-bracket whilst starving the poor is an affront. It is an insult to me and to the principals for which I stand.

It is very easy to tax people correctly, but the system is scared of people like me, whilst it screws over those with little fiscal muscle. We regularly hear the top 1% of earners pay 28% of taxable income – is that something to be proud of? No – it is an appalling indictment of the failure of Socio-capitalism and something I hang my head in shame over as I sign off my tax return. Why are so many of my fellow top earners such greedy fuckers?

The clue is in this image – am I the only one who thinks Osborne looks demented, any MP could be transposed here – they are all on the same kick of fantasy.


Osborne the demented



Anyway I digress from the sauce and the real issue – VAT.

By adding some sauce to the gander there is a hope of moving forward the economy, but as long as Cameron and Osborne keep insinuating, we, the higher rate tax payers are fraudsters the less chance of the real issues coming to the fore.

Like you, I shop on-line and find my purchases and like you I find it is cheaper to buy from abroad than it is in the UK. This is almost in totality due to the punitive VAT rates in the UK.

This obsessive drive to insisting higher rate tax payers are fraudsters, conning the compliant that it is fine and dandy that 1% of tax payers pay 28% of tax and continuing to take the easy target of those who have no reply is an abomination.

Were the VAT rate to be reduced, along the same argument that my tax bill needs to be reduced, else I will go abroad, in the case of VAT and the average shopper – shop abroad, so we would find a coherent mind-set. But the ivory tower of Government doesn’t let them see the reality of the options.

In my view, the easing of the VAT rate over the easing of my tax bill would have been money far better spent. I will return to rampant tax evasion and Societal disconnect another day.

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A Very Dangerous Country

The USA, after today’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, is with-out doubt the most dangerous country in the world.

Recognized as users of torture and enacted recently by the Presidency, detention for ever on no charges. Despite the conflict between the ruling over Abu Qatadar being sent  to Jordan to face trial, which was declined on the grounds of torture, the European Court of Human Rights has  acquiesced to a neat little stitch up between the USA and the UK.

Abu Hamza is charged with offences relating to hostage taking in Yemen and an alleged plot to set-up a terrorism training camp in the United States. Haroon Aswat is also accused in connection to the training camp.

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan are accused of supporting terrorism through a website operated in London.

Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled al-Fawwaz allegedly played a part in organising the 1998 US Embassy bombings in East Africa.

Whilst I have no time for their cause or direction, the fact that British Citizens are being sent over the USA and the European Court of Human Rights approves, on a nod, a regime which is proud to torture detainees is a disgusting situation. I doubt we will know for many years precisely how much money changed hands.

The British Government who after 7 years of detention still couldn’t produce any evidence against Babar Ahmad

gave up and wanted to send him away to face the American Justice system. As the CPS acknowledges, he can’t be charged.

Let’s run that again…

Your 3 year old child is raped and the offender is prosecuted, 5 years later that person is freed and given a change of identity.

Babar Ahmad was held without trial for 7 years and the CPS acknowledges he can’t be charged, but he can be extradited.

You may dislike his politics as much as I do, but is it justice?

The UK is a very dangerous place for the citizens who thought at one time the UK Justice system prevailed for any offences they committed. We now have a litany of UK citizens not breaking UK laws being sent to the USA to face trial and UK citizens that the UK can’t prosecute being sent to America to be tortured. Time for a rethink perhaps?

The USA remains the most dangerous country in the world, with the power to torture with impunity and still the European Court of Human Rights acquiesces.




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The Insanity of Politicians

In the UK the Labour Party tried to introduce more extensive surveillance legislation, the Tories opposed, now the Tories hold the upper hand, they want to introduce tighter surveillance legislation.

All politicians demonstrate their complete lack of intelligence and reality of life regularly and this proposal just highlights the Insanity of Politicians.



The Scream by Shayna Michaels

Does an perpetrator of ‘major crime’ as this is the suggested rationale really sit at home on a computer or send text messages without taking precaution?

Politicians don’t seem to have heard of – Proxy Servers, Dongles, disposable email addresses, PAYG phones, multiple sim-cards and now a Raspberry-Pi (which the average copper conducting a search wouldn’t think was in fact a computer).

The inference for the need to have legislation, which means everyone in the UK will be under-surveillance, being that we are all master minding a coup or running a major criminal syndicate. This legislation indicates more about the mind-set of politicians not the mind-set of a ‘master criminal’.

Never mind the Statism of it all, those who chirp up with the ‘if you have nothing to hide’ chorus can perhaps explain how this proposed piece of legislation would actually achieve it’s supposed objective?

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Alcohol Pricing

The alcohol pricing issue is but another stake in the heart of the poorest sections of Society and bears no relation to reality.



The price ranges between £50 and £ 1 000′ish a bottle. I drink at least a case a week in addition to Red Wine. My closest friends, well they knock back the alcohol too. How many people do I know who drink alcohol below the ‘minimum pricing level’? Absolutely none. Yes I did know one person once on the Wirral, a really nice guy, who got it wrong and he is dead, that is the only ‘minimum pricing’ casualty I know. Now lets get an extra set of digits for the number of expensive alcohol drinkers who have died through alcohol poisoning, that I personally know. Would minimum pricing levels have made a jot of difference? You know the answer.

Have you ever been in to a City Wine Bar? Have you ever been in to the subsidised Politicians drinking den?

This war on alcohol pricing is absolute nonsense and is merely another swipe against the poorest in Society for the sake of it.

One day the Daily Mail will stop jumping with glee at every abuse of the most vulnerable (that is if any of them ever sober up) as every-time one of their number appears on Question Time they appear to be out of their head on drink.

Let’s stop harassing the poor and start looking at real issues.

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