Mandelson the arrogant

The US Government decided that bailing out the global General Motors brand was chasing good money after bad so pulled the plug on the whole idea and have left General Motors to mainly sort out the mess it had got itself into.

In the interim a Canadian company-  Magna, largely funded by Sberbank from Russia agreed a buy-out of the European operation, potentially safeguarding something of Vauxhall in the UK and Opel in Germany. Magna asked for some additional assistance in the finalisation of the process, approaching both the German and British Government for support. The Germans, through their State and

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National Government Structure came up with in the region of £1 billion in support, providing them with a 20% stake in Opel, the British Government looked in to the pot of money Gordon Brown had set aside during the years of plenty and found £0.00 in support of Vauxhall.

So the US Government threw their hands up in horror, Magna a private business bit the bullet as did Sberbank and the German National and State Government, but Mandelson thought it was a bad idea, so the British Government took the same decision as the US (and I am not taking sides on the decision).

I only add that five months later, when Magna are deciding on where to retain an investment going forward, up steps Mandelson to suggest he is trying all he can to secure the future of Vauxhall in the UK, but Magna are not in the least bit interested.

The Government, of any hue in this country are so fixated with their own dogma and really seem to believe that the world owes this country.

Lets look at some recent appalling legacies of the UK -  Israel (The Gaza strip will be fine), Disputed Kashmir (Just a couple of Nuclear states still fighting over this), Zimbabwe (not our fault), Chagos Islands (leases go wrong and anyway so what if a few thousand people lost their homes) Northern Ireland (It will be fine), Nepal (so they fought for the  UK who cares) to name but a few.

What exactly does this country think the world owes to it?  Magna does not owe the British Government a cent and when they asked for support the British just turned away. Why exactly should Magna give a rats?

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