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Thanks to the Nationalist Socialist Party of the UK, aka The Labour party, shorthand- Nazi (UK) -Government, for declaring insider trading is now legal.

Hiding billions of pounds in security is now an completely acceptable way for a PLC to operate, in the old days, before the Nazis took power, this was  unacceptable and any PLC had to legally declare this information, because funnily enough a PLC means everyone is entitled to equal information.

Sure, the rules were bent as far as possible and pension fund managers who hold shares for two days got more information than any individual investor ever got hold of, but at least even under the self serving Tories, billions of pounds of security, hit the wires.

Thanks to the minion who goes by the title ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ and his playmate Brown, who has the title of Prime Minister, those rules go by the board.

It is now absolutely acceptable for a PLC to fail to declare their true financial status and up to the shareholders to find out the truth about the company in which they are investing.

I have no vested gripe with capitalism, but I do have a real problem when it becomes acceptable to hide information which would enable private investors to make rational decisions.

There can now never be a genuine trial against insider trading in the UK. The Government have set a precedent. The Directors of the banks didn’t sell their shares because they knew full well the bank wasn’t going to fail, that information should have become immediately available to shareholders, who may well have taken different positions on the market at that time, not to mention subsequent trading decisions.

We need to look at the spike in share price and the spike in options trading shortly after the Nazi (UK)  Government made their hidden securitisation and find out, which fund managers were privy to information, they are the evidence that insider trading is now formally legal in the UK.

The Nazis (UK) manage a better job of anarchy in the UK than anyone else.

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