It’s not our fault – it isn’t

Or as Johnny Rotten memorably put it – Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated -. So we turn to the rationale behind the proposed MPs pay rise which is anticipated to be in the region of 10% this year.



My scant views on the real independence of The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority prior to the legislation passed on the 20th July 2009 were expressed at the time as my derisive comments of the real independence of IPSA in November of 2009 and nothing has changed. I have been looking forward to the Audited Accounts for IPSA being published, which should be imminent, as the last accounts were published on the 2nd July 2012 and I will come back to them in due course.

Politicians (and the Journalists who follow their every move like fawning puppies) would have us believe that MPs are damned if they carry out their own review or damned if  ’an independent body’ carries out the review. In simple terms, IPSA, is not an Independent body, but another example of smoke and mirrors.

The commentary by Ian Kennedy, sums up the den of sleaze that is Westminster. He states -

‘..we know what happens when the element of pay is pushed aside as being simply too hard – the ‘nods and winks’ school of public financing emerges, and ultimately we end up with circumstances like 2009. No-one wanted the system that brought Parliament to its knees in 2009 to come into being, but it was the inevitable result of hard decisions deferred….’

Strip away the verbosity of language, he argues – if we don’t pay MPs more they will fiddle their expenses. I leave you to consider whether MPs, who are judged by a so called independent body as systemically corrupt, are MPs fit to serve.

Kennedy further adds -

‘..And, by way of a reminder, the legislation that gave us this responsibility is quite clear: the power to set the pay and pensions of MPs rests with IPSA alone. MPs do not get to vote. The Government does not get to pick and choose. There is no opting in or out…’

We have heard from many politicians that they won’t take their pay rise. Once it is in place, do you, I, or even the place-man Kennedy responsible for overseeing Parliamentary standards, really believe that these worthy types – to paraphrase - the ‘nods and winks’ school of public financing will emerge’ won’t quietly take their increased salaries a few months after the brouhaha has died down?

Or as Johnny Rotten put it -

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