Is Gordon Brown of this world?

I posed a question on Squidoo recently:

How do you think British MPs expenses should be changed, if at all?

The range of answers that came back, were diverse, but none included the concept that Gordon Brown has managed to suggest.

Some people even directly commented on the Prime Ministers idea of a daily allowance:

‘…Daily MPs allowance. The disgusting attempt to raise MPs salaries by the back door ever….’

Other ideas suggested included:

‘…Parliament should build another Porculis House, but full of apartments, for MPs to stay, whilst in London….’

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

How Gordon Brown can really believe that the indignation many people feel about MPs being paid expenses for items such as bath plugs, fictitious ‘primary residences’, flowers, Persian Rugs and porn films is better served by every MP receiving a daily allowance is beyond comprehension.

Does he not understand that it is the very fact that MPs are seen to be on the gravy train and claiming for unacceptable allowances, which is the issue?

People are demanding transparency, yet he has become so far detached from reality, that he truly believes that transparency means providing MPs with a daily payment for which they do not have to make any account of what it is spent on.

This is a clear indication of his complete disconnect with the people he is meant to be serving. It is the same type of reality detachment Margaret Thatcher underwent. Had politicians actually had an interest in serving their constituents, then last year they would have forced through a change in the expenses and payments system, but they failed to handle the situation.

Politicians are viewed by many, who have supported them for years, as morally corrupt, leading to even lower support for the British Democratic system. Because MPs are unable to understand their role in Society, they are leading themselves to their own downfall.

The current British Democracy can not survive for long, when less than 50% of the voting population bother to cast their votes and this threshold is likely to be broken in the near term. Politicians probably have one more election in which to change their ways, before their supporters, those who vote, will be outnumbered by those who see no value in the Democratic System, those who don’t vote.

At that tipping point, their will have to be a change. Already we are governed by a party where over two thirds of the voting population do not support their policies, once we have a system whereby over fifty percent of those eligible to vote do not even support the system, it can only be a short time before a power vacuum is created and who knows where the country heads.

Gordon Brown, ignoring the reality of the disgust many people have for the way MPs behave over their personal finances, can not be left unchallenged.

The arrogance shown by politicians in dealing with this issue will not be forgotten.

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