Gove on – Education – EduKardasian – I8ucat

I make few public friends for believing in the adage of  ’Those who can do, those who can’t – teach’, however despite the public protestations to the contrary, in private conversations, I am not so far off the general consensus. I also proscribe to a concept of a generation that latchkey children would lead to feral cats bringing up feral cats and thus it has turned out.

Whilst I absolutely believe that parents have a direct responsibility for their children and Education matters – after all I am a product of an ‘Officer Class and a boarding education’ – and look what you end up with…. an anarcho-capitalist.

Education - EduKardasian - I8ucat - cartoon credit Paul Meagher

Education – EduKardasian – I8ucat – cartoon credit Paul Meagher

However – Politicians also, sadly, have a part to play and we find Mr. Gove continuing with the chase to the bottom and division and in these days of latchkey children, an ever more important role to play, yet he is even now pontificating on education censorship.

We find Grammar Schools are out – but different exams for the exam proficient and those who are not are very much in, as there exists an apartheid in the UK. If your child is deemed ‘too thick’ it will take an exam that will guarantee it can only at best achieve a grade C.

This is a step procedure to ensure that you, the absent parent, doesn’t quite appreciate and a way of obscuring the boundary. For sure, one may rail against ‘elitism’, however, the so called equality for all –  does result in Gove predicating  - your child can take a proper exam or your child is an I8ucat.

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