Election fraud – no shock here

Reports are coming out from Afghanistan that there is believed to have been widespread election fraud. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Democracy has a shaky foundation at best and the idea that those seeking office commit fraud should really be viewed as the norm, not the exception.

In Iraq, we have had a recent demonstrations over vote rigging.
Rigged elections

In the UK, the Scottish Parliamentary elections were criticised, local elections have seen prosecutions for election fraud and the Bush ‘chapped tickets’ decided on a recount in the State in which the eventual winner of the Presidency was a relative of the State Governor is an example of vote rigging in the extreme.

The simple fact is that Democracy is a flawed system of political leadership, with no credibility and no reason to exist, other than the ‘Democratically elected’ hold the power to call the tune.

When listening to political aspirants, they have identified quite clearly to whom they owe loyalty. They focus their conversation solely on those in power who hold the strings, ignoring pretty well exclusively, the people who theoretically have the power to vote them in to office. They do this as they know that without centralised political reinforcement, they will not gain political power. One only needs to question the reason they choose to focus on centralised parties, to appreciate the fact of how political power is vested in the hands of the few and the electorate are merely a side-show in their game.

While many are cynical of the political institutions which legislate the UK there is little reason for those who hold the puppet strings of the electorate to change, as every opponent of the Democratic system is targeted by a politicised judiciary. The Labour Government, now jumping on the band-wagon of terrorism.

The UK is run by a political party, which on election less than 70% of the ‘voting age’ population actually supported them. To presuppose that with 70% of the population not actually in favour of the legislative leadership is a sensible form of governance is fatuous in the extreme. Yet a Democratically elected Government is so focused on decrying the opposition, they completely ignore the support for that opposition, effectively decrying swathes of the population as ignorant idiots, not to mention those who either supported smaller opposition parties or declined the Democratic proposition altogether.

Democratic governance is a lazy way for the populace to accept leadership and for whatever reason is accepted as the right way to go by vast swathes of the population. Whether this type of leadership should be foisted on other countries is a different proposition altogether.

Churchill famously quipped, ‘It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.’ I wonder whether a leadership which decries over 70% of the population being irrelevant is in itself relevant?

It is of no surprise that the Afghan elections are besieged by election fraud, this is the nature of Democracy.

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