Ed Vaizey and the lost plot

It is of little surprise that  have such scant regard for politicians as they far too often loose the the plot.

Ed Vaizey

Ed Vaizey

Ed Vaizey,  Minister of The Department of Communication, Culture and the Creative Industries, is the latest in a long line.

He has been responsible for having a look at the way ISPs operate and provide access to the internet and has concluded that the UK should be lightly regulated and ISPs be able to offer internet access using different charging methods for access to various parts of the internet.

Regardless of where anyone stands on the aspect of two tier internet access, Ed Vaizey really seems to have no idea of what he is proposing, alternatively he is so contemptuous of the general publ;ic that he thinks they are too thick to understand.

Net neutrality, held up by most, as the way the internet should continue to develop, whereby in brief means, once you have accessed the internet you should be freely able to access whatever URLs you wish. If the site owner wants to place charges, registration or whatever once you have reached their site, that is for the site owner to decide.

Ed Vaizey is proposing that ISPs will be able to charge a premium for subscribers to access certain sites, maybe blocking them completely without the additional subscription, or to slow down their access speed to reach those sites. The complete opposite of net- neutrality.

Mr. Vaizey is trying to claim that his vision of ISPs charging and throttling at will is net-neutrality and that we the unwashed public and experts in the internet including by the way Tim Berners-Lee that they don’t know what they are talking about.

It will be of no surprise that I am an advocate of net-neutrality and I make no bones of that, but for Vaizey to try to claim that his vision is in anyway related to net-neutrality is so far off the scale of intelligent thought that it is worrying.

It is hardly of any surprise that he is a Minister in The ConDemned Coalition and his pronouncement is a further example of the Con in this coalition, which pronounces lies as facts and failure to understand on their behalf as stupidity by the rest of the world.

Vaizey goes on to claim that in the UK there is a wide range of ISPs available and people are free to switch at a whim if they don’t like what their ISP is doing. Perhaps he is too far removed from reality to understand that when you sign up with an ISP you sign up for a contract period which ranges from 12 months to 2 years. Not exactly free to switch at a whim.

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2 Responses “Ed Vaizey and the lost plot”

  1. marvin nubwaxer says:

    let your mommy proofread your article next time please

  2. anarchyintheuk says:

    Many thanks for your comment.

    I am sure you will be aware of the two typos in the article, which you are right so say, should have been corrected.

    The silly little comment regarding my mother is not a red-rag or worthy of consideration, but to help.

    She is dead and even were she alive, she was true blue all her life, so her input would have been no consequence or interest in so far as my article direction was concerned.

    I am sure, she would however have disagreed with me probably more vehemently than yourself, with far more intellect.

    In relation to the grammar and structure, perhaps the kincaid level is a little high for you, for that I don’t apologise.

    Please feel free to troll again.

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