Does the Geneva Convention hold any value?

In World War one, one civilian was killed for every service personnel, these figures how now been reversed with ten civilians dying for every one service personnel. Does the Geneva Convention still hold value?

Sixty years ago this week, the Geneva Convention was agreed, with the objective of ensuring civilians were protected in war time, but things seem to have become far worse.

Conflicts around the globe continue and the field of military operation has changed, it may not be that the Geneva Convention is meaningless, or without teeth.

Countries such as the UK, which permit war criminals free reign,  if their crimes were committed before 2001 they can not be prosecuted here and only people who are resident in the UK, can be prosecuted here, regardless of the date of the war crime, do not help with their implementation of International Law.

The British Government has just in the past month decided to consider pushing this date back to 1991.

It is perhaps time to look once again at the Geneva Convention and ways to protect civilians from military conflict. The areas of concern, do not just include the US alliance in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but areas such as Darfur, Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

On the anniversary of the Geneva convention and the year in which the last survivor of fighting in the trenches in WW1 has died, it may be that the Convention needs re-assessment in light of the disturbing numbers of civilian who are being killed as a direct result of military intervention.

It would also be of value if Countries operated a parallel implementation of International Law, surrounding war crimes, in support of the Geneva Convention and its intentions.

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