Dissolution of Parliament

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The complete contempt with which Politicians treat the general public was clearly demonstrated yesterday in a debate in the House of Commons proposing the dissolution of parliament.

The SNP and Plaid Cymru, used their time to propose that the House be dissolved, forcing a general election. Politicians argue of course, that this was never going to come to fruition as there was no chance of Labour MPs voting for the proposal and with their majority the proposal would be defeated.

It may have escaped these self serving MPs that large sections of the British Public are very keen on a general election being held immediately. This debate would have provided the politicians who oppose the idea of an early General Election with an opportunity to put forward their case, not just to other members of parliament, but to the General Public.

The very fact they missed this simple truism indicates just how ignorant they are of the Public mood and how they treat the House of Commons as their personal fiefdom. The view was taken by politicians that the opposition benches would support the proposal, the Labour MPs would oppose the motion and therefore there was nothing to discuss and sure enough about 30 MPs attended the debate over the period and all the MPs managed to vote, defeating the proposal by 70 odd votes.

In any other walk of life a discussion about the effective dismissal of all staff, would generate some interest, people may just turn up to argue their case, but not politicians. They would of course argue, the maths was done the matter was simple, but as far as the electorate is concerned the maths isn’t the issue, the suitability of MPs to remain in office was the issue.

The debate was about the dissolution of parliament, which was a debate about the MPs themselves, not the more usual motion of a vote of Confidence in the Government. This should not have been a debate about the suitability of Government, but of the MPs themselves, a quite different proposition. For sure, the outcome remains the same, however the fact that so few MPs, particularly those who had been ‘outed’ as expense fixers, didn’t see this as an opportunity to defend their position is inexcusable.

The debate ended up as a party political divide, when it should have been a free vote. I would have liked to have seen my MP defending his position and justifying why he did or didn’t think parliament should be dissolved, instead he didn’t bother to turn up and voted with the party whip.

Politicians have learnt absolutely nothing. They have no interest in politics, just in their career, why do they then express shock when few people vote?

This situation can not be allowed to continue. MPs need to be accountable and when a debate comes up, which is of great public interest, the least they could and should do is turn up for the debate.

They all managed to turn up for PMQs a few hours earlier. Why didn’t they bother to turn up on a debate of real importance, rather than the knock about stuff of PMQs?

Mainstream media turn a blind eye to this contempt, preferring to concentrate on the story of what did or didn’t Andrew Lansley mean and was he stupid being honest. What trite rubbish, we are not in the process of a General Election, we all know services will have to be cut any party who pretend otherwise we know is lying. Once we have a date for a general election, both parties will have to set out their stall.

If the Media and Politicians are intending to hammer each other for pointing out exactly what everyone knows is going to happen, public sector cuts will have to be made; then none of them have learnt a lesson.

We need to know what each party intends to cut and what they intend to save, then we can make a decision on which party meets our own priorities, pretending it isn’t going to happen is the pathetic drivel politicians have been spouting for years and the mainstream media revel over.

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