Death of Ian Tomlinson – Cover up or incompetence?

Now that the findings of the Second Post Mortem have come to light, which indicate that Ian Tomlinson died due to internal bleeding, in contrast to the initial post mortem which pointed to a heart attack, it is apposite to question the actions of the authorities.

After Mr. Tomlinson died, on the 1st April in the City of London, the police immediately declared he had died from a suspected heart attack.

Initially, the City of London police were left to conduct their own inquiry, despite witnesses coming forward to say they had seen Tomlinson being in contact with police. A fact the police denied.

Ian Tomlinson just after being pushed over by a police officer

Ian Tomlinson just after being pushed over by a police officer

On 4th April the Mail carried this picture of Mr. Tomlinson. This picture was taken moments after Mr. Tomlinson was pushed over by the police officer, who was subsequently suspended. Although the accompanying report makes no mention of the push by the Police Officer, it is not improbable to suppose that this photograph was looked at by the Police who confirmed this was in-fact Mr. Tomlinson and it should have prompted one of those police officers in the photograph to recall that just a moment earlier this man had been pushed to the ground. But the police continued to deny any knowledge of this fact.

If you look at the video again of the push on Mr. Tomlinson, you can see a photographer taking a still image of Mr. Tomlinson on the ground.

I wonder if he stepped forward to provide evidence. The people, who helped Mr. Tomlinson up off the ground, would possibly have come forward to say that Mr. Tomlinson had been pushed. I find it very difficult to believe that the police officers, who were close by the scene of Mr. Tomlinson’s push, would not have been aware that this was the man who died a few minutes later, but it appears that they ‘forgot’.

It was not until 6th April when the  video was released which showed Mr. Tomlinson being pushed to the ground that suddenly memories were jogged and police officers suddenly remembered from video they were around, having failed to remember from still photographs or claims made by witnesses.

The IPCC failed completely in their initial approach to this case leaving the handling of the investigation with the City of London Police, despite calls for an independent enquiry.

The first post mortem was carried out by Home Office Pathologist Dr Freddy Patel and the results of the post-mortem announced that the death of Mr. Tomlinson was due to a heart attack; despite finding Mr Tomlinson had a substantial amount of blood in the abdominal cavity.

But the post mortem declared exactly as the police told everyone just three hours after his death that it was all due to a heart attack.

It was a little unusual that Dr. Patel was asked to conduct the post mortem as more typically the Forensic Pathology Services, a body of nine independent forensic pathologists, usually deals with suspicious deaths in London and the home-counties.

Dr. Patel it transpires has a slight blemish on his record, having previously been reprimanded by the GMC after he released medical details about a man who died controversially in police custody.

The case would have been left here, with the police denying any previous contact between Mr. Tomlinson and the Police and a comfortable post mortem result were it not for the video taken, ironically by an American Fund Manager.

There are still witnesses claiming Mr. Tomlinson was attacked by the Police on more than one occasion, though of course the police are denying this, without caarrying out any investigation, in the same manner that they denied ever being in contact with him at all.

After the release of the video, the family of Mr. Tomlinson and the IPCC secured a second post mortem, this time carried out by Dr Nat Cary, who concluded Mr. Tomlinson that the cause of death was abdominal haemorrhage. He accepts the findings of Dr. Patel that there is evidence of coronary atherosclerosis but states that in his opinion its nature and extent is unlikely to have contributed to the cause of death.

The additional worry is that the IPCC covered up the results of this second post mortem for a week, while the IPCC continued its investigations, although the family were aware of the findings.

As a result of the findings of the second post mortem a Metropolitan police officer has been interviewed under caution for the offence of manslaughter.

There can be no doubt that the Police knew that Mr. Tomlinson was pushed over by a police officer, though they continued to deny this right up to the point of a video being produced, this can not be acceptable. The Police decided 3 hours after the death of a man that they would announce he had died of a suspected heart attack and proceeded to appoint a pathologist outside of the normal procedure.

The IPCC refused to take the complaint seriously, despite people stepping forward as witnesses to the pushing over of Mr. Tomlinson, until a video was produced, this can not be acceptable. The police are still denying that Mr. Tomlinson was attacked on more than one occasion, refusing to investigate the allegations, this can not be acceptable.

The Police officers who stood by and watched this attack and refused to come forward until the video was released, despite the publication of a photograph on 4th April clearly identifying the man and police officers nearby, just moments after a police officer pushed him over and while the police were still denying the assault ever took place have not been publicly named and reprimanded and this is not acceptable. They were witnesses to an assault and assisted the police force in covering up the assault.

Regardless of deaths, videos or photographs, the fact that police officers can stand by and watch a colleague assault a member of the public without stepping forward is unacceptable.

This was not the only police assault on the day, but unfortunately, only those with video evidence are being investigated. This is a disgrace and leads to further undermining of the trust some people have in the police force. For those who already have no trust, these incidences further underline their mistrust.

The New York Times blog reports today ‘…“saw a bunch of protesters trying to stop a guy in black throwing bottles at the police, the protesters had an argument him and then accused him of being a policeman, whereupon he ran to the police cordon, showed some I.D. and was let through!”…’

While currently the British public in general may become agitated they do not take more forceful action: The lack of trust in the Police, lack of trust in the Political process and lack of trust in the Judiciary having freedom from Political interference, in tandem with a general feeling of antagonism towards institutional services, can only be force that pent up frustration to boiling point at some stage.

The Metropolitan police have an abysmal record in murdering people on the streets of London and it is time they were completely overhauled.

This is either a cover up or incompetence, either way the Met as it stands is not fit for purpose.

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5 Responses “Death of Ian Tomlinson – Cover up or incompetence?”

  1. tuxtoo says:

    We are the most watched nation on the planet by CCTV. Yet the IPCC and the Met seem not to have considered looking at the footage from all these cameras or perhaps they did and found that there was in fact contact with Mr Tomlinson.

    Furthermore, when Mr Tomlinson collapsed the Police said ?”The officers took the decision to move him as during this time a number of missiles – believed to be bottles – were being thrown at them”. Yet we saw no footage of this apparent incident, which would prove beyond doubt how honest our Police are, or are not, as the case may be.

  2. anarchyintheuk says:

    More versions of the truth are coming out regularly.

    A third post mortem, more video, including footage the IPCC attempted to supress.

  3. john macdonald says:

    The Death of Ian Tomlinson, and its Cover up,and many other Cases, all have something in Common, yet no one says anything, ive read all the Media Coverage reports, no mention is given anywhere to the true reason behind all the Cover ups over the Years.
    The answer is stairing at all of you in the face, its Masonic…The Police and Complaints commision etc,are all “Brothers of the Light“, and hence protect each other, this is whats going on behind the scene..


    John macdonald

  4. anarchyintheuk says:

    Thanks for that John a valuable perspective

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