Crown Steward of the Manor of Northstead

I don’t think my views of John Bercow and his suitability as the man to lead to the clean up of MPs corruption needs further expounding, nor my views on the responsibilities of any Speaker in the House of Commons. This isn’t reiteration of even similar points.

I have long been suspicious of the concept that the Speaker is re-elected to the House of Commons by virtue of no-body standing against them in a constituency election. I am delighted to see this protocol being challenged by Farage. It is a shame the options for the constituency is between UKIP and a Speaker, but it may blow open a hole in this tradition.

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The people of each constituency should be able to vote for a candidate they wish to elect and that elected MP to be representative for them in Parliament. However we have a situation which has grown up as a ‘protocol’ that the constituents of the Speakers seat as an MP get no choice in their representative and their duly returned representative can not represent them or their interests in Parliament as the Speaker is bound by yet another protocol, which means that they are unable to take part in debates or pursue full parliamentary duties.

This is paired with yet another protocol which means that other Parliamentarians are prohibited from taking cases from people not in their constituency.

Never having had the misfortune to live in one of these constituencies, I have no idea how the process works and how you deal with a constituency matter. How you ever have the opportunity to express your democratic choice, nor how you direct your concerns about the quality of the local MP, by voting against them at the next opportunity. But the whole concept that a constituency has no democratic voice and no representation stinks. Perhaps they pay no taxes to take an old adage.

There is no reason that MPs shouldn’t have a ‘Speaker’ albeit it with far more limited powers and scope than at present, as I have argued, but that doesn’t mean that those who wish to express their democratic rights should have no outlet in which to do so and as importantly that they are not represented in Parliament.

The Speaker of the House should not be a constituency MP and there is absolutely no sense in the ridiculous farrago of the constituency election. MPs are a pathetic bunch and they always need to have a ‘tradition’ on which to hang their hat, so to cheer up the little children, why not call the Speaker – Crown Steward of the Manor of Northstead, ironically the last holder of office being Martin when he was kicked out of the role of Speaker.

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