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I just had to laugh that the online communications champion for the Labour Party, is so keen to engage with the general public, that she a policy of blocking some people from following her twitter account.

Whilst this seems to be a shot in the foot and indicative of the way that British Politicians behave, it is particularly bizarre, as her role is one ofΒ  on-line communications development. I can totally understand her choosing not to follow people, but stopping them following her, given her role is very strange.

It seems that when politicians talk about engaging with the public, what they actually mean, in many cases and it appears at the communication level for the Labour Party, this means only with people who meet the censorship policy criteria.

Whilst anyone who has been blocked from following, is not actually missing a great deal, it seems to me that her policy is exactly in line with those of the political system who continue to block their ears to most people.

As she appears not to want people to follow her, I wont bother putting up her twitter account link.

If she does tweet anything of importance, you can be sure we will post it on anarchy in the UK, but don’t hold your breath for a follow up article.

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