Bloggers behind the rocks

I was a little upset, mildly speaking, when a twitter user @pickledpolitics, who appears to write for The Guardian posed the question,

How does blog hosting impact your legal situation?

and quoted a so called ‘important’ political blogger on UK politics, who goes by the name of Guido Fawkes.

These two people set themselves up as relevant and important bloggers in the UK. Pickledpolitics – Sunny – has, to his credit actually got off his arse and attended a climate camp demo. But as far as I am aware that consisted of the Greenwich, happy clap demo in September, where even the Police got bored.

Paul Staines- Guido Fawkes – who knows what he has done apart from set up a barrier against prosecution, apart from this possible relationship

I digress a little…..

Pickledpolitics posed the question, should bloggers be worried about legal consequence and he was impressed that Mr. Staines had a convoluted legal set-up which protects him from legal action.

Unfortunately the convoluted process is too difficult for Mr. Staines to follow.

retraction see comment One

…Factual correction: I am not legally the publisher. I also mispoke in that interview, the publisher is actually in Nevis, which is not that far from the Caymans. Got offshore entities muddled.

Nor am I “always mostly in the UK” as, so far, unsuccessful plaintiffs have discovered.

Incidentally, I have a mirror site on standby in a fourth jurisdiction. The URL itself is registered in a fifth jurisdiction after the Merrills / Northern Rock memorandum domain registrant based legal attack. I live and learn.

At the end of the day, you have to have the resources and be prepared to fight….

Mr. Staines has to retract, he isn’t even the publisher of his articles, so can be absolutely discredited as a blogger and he doesn’t quite understand Geography, but sees fit to pontificate on the UK.

Far beyond this, a genuine blogger stand by his/her posts, many have died or ended up in jail for their beliefs and comments. The whole post that Bloggers need legal protection stinks of tails up the arse, that is not blogging, that is a corporate gig.

They pretend they are important individuals, but eventually the truth comes out, they don’t publish their own articles, they don’t know where the website is based and they really are not too sure about anything, other than their arses are safe.

Anarchy in the UK is published in the UK, by a UK national who is prepared to take any libel action thrown at it.

With absolute disdain and contempt for bloggers on the corporate gig and more interested in their own tails than actually standing by what they write.

This post is filed under bureaucrats, as in arrogant tossers who are not spending their own money.

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