And that makes sixteen

With UN peacekeepers taking over from the French and African troops in Mali at the beginning of this month the UN is running sixteen peace-keeping missions around the world, which includes the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) covering Afghanistan, which is completely separate to ISAF.

And that makes sixteen

And that makes sixteen

With over 200 000 military personnel deployed on the ground with troops from well over a hundred countries, attempting to keep up with the acronyms in use is in itself a full time mission. The latest iteration being  Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). Whilst programmes are in the main supported with personnel from a diverse range of countries there seems to be little cohesion above the line of individual programmes, which results in peacekeeping missions being sanctioned but then the scrabble to get the numbers begins.

MINUSMA is mandated for 11 200 service personnel and 1 440 police with the aim of supporting the election coming up on the 28th July the mission only has just over half the numbers required to carry out their mission.  African-led International Stabilisation Mission in Mali (AFISMA) which was folded to become part of MINUSMA – delivering 6 000 personnel, France – 1 000 and China – 500 and then nothing.

Whilst the aims of the various missions may be laudable, many of these programmes are running with fewer troops on the ground than mandated, resulting in failed missions which run far longer than necessary.

The UN must take control of their missions around the world with a far more coherent and effective approach.


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