Alcohol Pricing

The alcohol pricing issue is but another stake in the heart of the poorest sections of Society and bears no relation to reality.



The price ranges between £50 and £ 1 000′ish a bottle. I drink at least a case a week in addition to Red Wine. My closest friends, well they knock back the alcohol too. How many people do I know who drink alcohol below the ‘minimum pricing level’? Absolutely none. Yes I did know one person once on the Wirral, a really nice guy, who got it wrong and he is dead, that is the only ‘minimum pricing’ casualty I know. Now lets get an extra set of digits for the number of expensive alcohol drinkers who have died through alcohol poisoning, that I personally know. Would minimum pricing levels have made a jot of difference? You know the answer.

Have you ever been in to a City Wine Bar? Have you ever been in to the subsidised Politicians drinking den?

This war on alcohol pricing is absolute nonsense and is merely another swipe against the poorest in Society for the sake of it.

One day the Daily Mail will stop jumping with glee at every abuse of the most vulnerable (that is if any of them ever sober up) as every-time one of their number appears on Question Time they appear to be out of their head on drink.

Let’s stop harassing the poor and start looking at real issues.

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