A Very Dangerous Country

The USA, after today’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, is with-out doubt the most dangerous country in the world.

Recognized as users of torture and enacted recently by the Presidency, detention for ever on no charges. Despite the conflict between the ruling over Abu Qatadar being sent  to Jordan to face trial, which was declined on the grounds of torture, the European Court of Human Rights has  acquiesced to a neat little stitch up between the USA and the UK.

Abu Hamza is charged with offences relating to hostage taking in Yemen and an alleged plot to set-up a terrorism training camp in the United States. Haroon Aswat is also accused in connection to the training camp.

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan are accused of supporting terrorism through a website operated in London.

Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled al-Fawwaz allegedly played a part in organising the 1998 US Embassy bombings in East Africa.

Whilst I have no time for their cause or direction, the fact that British Citizens are being sent over the USA and the European Court of Human Rights approves, on a nod, a regime which is proud to torture detainees is a disgusting situation. I doubt we will know for many years precisely how much money changed hands.

The British Government who after 7 years of detention still couldn’t produce any evidence against Babar Ahmad

gave up and wanted to send him away to face the American Justice system. As the CPS acknowledges, he can’t be charged.

Let’s run that again…

Your 3 year old child is raped and the offender is prosecuted, 5 years later that person is freed and given a change of identity.

Babar Ahmad was held without trial for 7 years and the CPS acknowledges he can’t be charged, but he can be extradited.

You may dislike his politics as much as I do, but is it justice?

The UK is a very dangerous place for the citizens who thought at one time the UK Justice system prevailed for any offences they committed. We now have a litany of UK citizens not breaking UK laws being sent to the USA to face trial and UK citizens that the UK can’t prosecute being sent to America to be tortured. Time for a rethink perhaps?

The USA remains the most dangerous country in the world, with the power to torture with impunity and still the European Court of Human Rights acquiesces.




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